Aska Mining Company



My kids loved this! We  ate breakfast at the Iron Bridge restaurant, which is located right  next to Aska, then headed next door to find some gems! This was great  fun for my family and we ended up with a lot of cool gems and fossils!


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

They go above and beyond! If  you're ever in the area, you MUST stop at Aska Mining Company! Not only  are the gems (and knowledge) top notch, their customer service is like  no other. The gift shop is amazing! The kids got the coolest mining  helmets with headlamps! Super reasonable. They're great with kids and  adults alike.

Jodi D

An experience not to be missed!! My  13 year old daughter enjoyed the gem mining experience and we have lots  of treasures to remind us of the day. The staff is incredibly  knowledgeable and helpful in identifying the gems. Make sure to stop by  the cafe next door for a great cup of coffee then enjoy rocking in the  comfortable rocking chairs at the front of the store.

Heather K

Awesome family attraction in a beautiful setting! What a wonderful activity to do that brings together all ages. Nice for the kids to actually put down the cell phones for a change and actually talk and engage with us.  Highly recommend! 

Becky Sarasota FL

We had such a great time at Aska Mining Company.  The staff was very  friendly and knowledgeable.  Great spot to spend a half day.  A groups  of 10 of us ages 5 to 50 tubed across the street,  grabbed bite to eat  and then went gem mining.

Amy M.

Henrico, VA 

So glad we went here today! So much fun! $6.50 bucket took my 3 year old  15 mins and he loved it! Also helps that the employees are so  knowledgeable.

Shannon S

Blue Ridge, GA