Aska Gem Mining in Ga


Find Gem Stones, Discover Family

In our plugged in world, it's easy to miss out on the very people we hold most dear. Get away from electronic influence for a while and take the family on a public gem mining vacation they will never forget. Discover new gemstones and rediscover family!

Get your hands dirty and enjoy an exciting day in the wilderness gem mining in ga! No pick and shovel needed. We make gem stone mining easy for everyone. 

Simply pick out a bucket of rich Aska mine earth, screen it separating small particles from large stones, and rinse what's left with crystal clear mountain water. You may have found a beautiful Blue Ridge GA gemstone to keep forever! 


Real Treasure

Aska gem mining has unearthed thousands of gem stones over the years. Our fertile earth contains moonstones, garnet, citrine, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire. While not everyone finds a gem stone, all of our visitors find the real treasure, spending time with their family and friends.